Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kimber Smith

The Magic Flute, 1977

Kimber Smith, at James Graham, closes 6/30.


Kimber Smith

Carnival, 1974

Raphael Rubinstein on Kimber Smith.
Kimber Smith 1981 NYTimes obit.


Anonymous said...

wow this kind of work presages so much of whats happening in abstraction right now...
and with feeling!

Martin said...

the ones pictured here are from the 70's but he was doing it in the 60's too.

Anonymous said...

the original patricia treib.

Martin said...

haha whatever... and matisse is the original kimber smith?

but funny that you mention her as she was the person who signed the book before me at the show, so yeah she is probably a fan. and before her it was raphael rubinstein.

i saw her painting in the harris lieberman show within a day of seeing this show and they both made me most think of matisse.