Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magic Hand!

Magic Hand!, curated by Joshua Abelow, at Art Blog Art Blog. Last day is this Saturday 9/17.

(above l-r Ross Bleckner, Jonathan Allmaier, Cheryl Donegan)

Jonathan Allmaier Breakout Star

Ross Bleckner - the Ross B. paintings are older... from the early 80's if not earlier... he was already well-known at this point and these smaller pieces were done privately and never(?) exhibited.

Ross Bleckner
Ross Bleckner

Jonathan Allmaier

Art Blog Art Blog!

- Art Blog Art Blog reviewed in The Brooklyn Rail.
- Nudashank at Art Blog Art Blog, on anaba 6/14/2011
- Abelow at James Fuentes, on anaba 2/1/2011

Joanne Greenbaum
Joanne Greenbaum - she is showing her ceramics too!

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