Sunday, November 04, 2012


Art & Music, at The Museum of contemporary Art, Tokyo... aka MOT. yeah wow those are some bad titles.

Bartholomaus Traubeck, Years, 2011 - disks of wood.. birch, maple, pear... he made a computer program that photographically 'reads' the rings, cracks, and stains as it spins and interprets the data as piano, creating sound, really music... it isn't exactly the same every time, it's a generative process which depends where on the disk it starts reading, and other factors... but each disk has a distinct sound and is easily distinguished. Listen here.

I think he first showed these with Lisa Ruyter in Vienna.

Bartholomaus Traubeck

Otomo Yoshihide limited ensembles - Otomo Yoshihide, Yasutomo Aoyama, Sachiko M, Kanta Horio, Yuko Mohri

Johnnie Walker - (with an Australian curator, can't remember her name I will try to find it) - legendary supporter of the Tokyo art scene... he goes to everything, he came to the show I was in with Tom Sanford in 2002.

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