Saturday, December 01, 2012

Rebecca Goyette

Rebecca is screening her three completed lobster porns...  funny hot smart and compelling. Also showing costumes, props and stills from the videos. GO TO AIRPLANE. it's on Jefferson. Sundays 12-6!!!

Lobsta Dress... I think this is what she was wearing when she got booted from Seven a couple years ago. Scroll down to seventh paragraph, and comments.

Stills from the videos... some gorgeous photos.

eggs on dress

Duke Riley. He really gets into it. bizarre absurd hot desperate and SICK!! Duke Riley is an even bigger nasty dirty perv than Goyette!

Ed in the sea pit snuggling with the vibrator stuffies.

Good place to watch a lobster orgy.

There was alcohol and hot fresh pies. 

Barbarella of the Sea.

Reviewing the tape. Rebecca's newest video, not finished yet and not shown here, was filmed on a Greek island this past summer... it is gonna be insanely beautiful.

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