Thursday, December 09, 2004

NADA Member Sholis Gives Good Review to NADA

NADA member Brian Sholis gives a nice review of the NADA art fair on Artforum's blog. I said NADA member Sholis gives good review to NADA.

He closes with "the general sense that NADA's spirit of camaraderie and the sharpness of its gallery selections has provided a welcome contrast to cookie-cutter corporate fairs around the world". That's generous to NADA of you Brian, but not entirely in keeping with non-profit NADA's stated non-adversarial goals.

How does a group of over 40 commercial galleries get away with calling themselves a non-profit anyway?

I love this quote on Franklin's blog today, "The art world described in Artforum is a giant cash register lubricated with liquor and horseshit".


Anonymous said...

Hi. I came across this site while snooping about on the web for feedback to Artforum's new online diary. If you want to ask me any questions about my projects or affiliations, feel free to e-mail me at the address listed on my sites (BrianSholis.com and 'In Search of the Miraculous'). I'm at my computer frequently and will gladly discuss with you what I do (and vice versa).

Best wishes,

Martin said...

No questions Brian, I think I pretty much get it. Nauseating.


Anonymous said...

Your attacks on Brian are very funny and incredibly flattering. NADA was started to form a union of sorts for art professionals feeling left out ignored by the larger art world. The fact that NADA and it's members are attacked for nepotism and self canonizing is in many ways pointing to NADA's true successes. Keep attacking, and I hope you all form your own group to protect yourselves and take us down. It’s how art evolves, we all did what you are doing now a few years ago. On with the Next Generation! Support your peers; and I look forward to seeing what you can do and what the next generation will do to you to push forward.

Anonymous said...

Zach put the identical comment up at Artblog.net. The sharks are eating it as we speak.

Martin said...

Zach is most probably Zach Feuer of Zach Feuer Gallery(formerly LFL).

Don't know what he means by the generational thing, I'm ten years older. I guess if it isn't in NYC it doesn't count? And my criticism is directed at Artforum editor Elizabeth Schambelan, for sending a NADA member to cover NADA, at least as much as it is to Brian.

Congratulations Zach to Dana Schutz and the excellent review - I think of Goya and Saturn Devouring His Children - your expansion, and being your own boss!

Anonymous said...

Your post illustrates perfectly what is wrong with blogging. You begin with a decent point: a member of an organization should probably not review the activities of that organization. Then you explode into vitriol and crudeness. Brian Sholis may be crossing an ethical line (albeit a minor one), but he is not “hack-flack.” For as commercial as Artforum can be, it is not a “giant cash register lubricated with liquor and horseshit.” This is hyperbole at best. It is mean, jealous, pseudo-criticism at worst.

Some constructive criticism: Try addressing the issues instead of attacking the person.

(Also, you should probably know that many fairs and conventions – even for products as commercial as diamonds and cars – are legally run by non-profits.)

Martin said...

I probably could have come up with something a little better than "hack-flack", you're right about that, but I wouldn't say I was far off the mark or describe that as an "explosion of vitriol and crudeness".

A problem inherent in addressing some of these issues is the necessity of naming names and embarassing people. The goal really wasn't to humiliate Brian - and I understand that he is sort of a small-fry in the scheme of things. Do you have info on bigger and better examples of bullshit you'd like to share?

Thanks for trying to "help" with the info about fairs and conventions, but I'm not an idiot. There are tons of legal loopholes for all sorts of industry - so what? I guess you're cool with snowmobiles in Yosemite and oil-drilling in wildlife refuges, and Halliburton in Iraq etc etc? Everything legal is good and shouldn't be complained about or held up to inspection and ridicule? You're a real help, thanks.

Disclosure: I'm not a critic,not trying for criticism or even pseudo-criticism. I'm trying to rock your boat - and it's working.

Anonymous said...

Justin Lieberman says

I love Nada. And art fairs and stuff. My naked picture is everywhere. Who hasn't seen me naked?