Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Panel on Friday

Adaption Syndrome, Painting in Contemporary Image Culture
Introduction and Panel Discussion, 4 - 6 p.m., Grace Street Theater, 934 West Grace Street
With exhibition curators Dinah and Paul Ryan, painters Margaret Evangeline and Ziga Kariz, critic Dominique Nahas, and Richard Roth, chair of the VCU Painting Department.
Opening Receptions, 6 - 8 p.m., Hand Workshop Art Center, 1812 West Main Street and Reynolds Gallery, 1514 West Main Street

This will be interesting. I think Margaret Evangeline and Dominique Nahas are a couple or something. They came together to my Philly Art Alliance show in 2002, Evangeline included a nice note of encouragement in my sign-in book. I've gone to Evangeline's website and like the unpainted stainless steel pieces more than the painted aluminum ones, and of those the warpy ones more than the flat ones.

No, Nahas didn't sign, although he did sign the book of the better-known artist/curator upstairs - but I know he looked, the security guard told me. A lot of bigger name people signed that book without signing mine, another lesson in artworld politics - sign up. No, that's not true, the real lesson is always sign!

Ziga Kariz is coming here from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hello! What is up with Ljubljana? How does an artist living in Ljubljana come to the attention of the Reynolds Gallery and the Ryans? I'm not hinting anything, I don't think, just wondering what the hell they are doing right in Ljubljana.


Anonymous said...

lublijana has a rockin art community. Have you ever heard of the NSK? Look into it. It is a movement totally inclusive of all art forms. Really incredible. An artist named Charlie Krafft is very involved with the group.

Anonymous said...

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