Saturday, February 05, 2005

Whitney Museum Seeks Biennial Coordinator

The Whitney Museum is looking for a Biennial Coordinator. It's just like Field of Dreams.

Biennial Coordinator

A full time, temporary position is available for a Coordinator to work on the next Biennial exhibition, scheduled to open in March 2006.

Responsibilities include: research of works with curatorial team; coordination with artists and galleries; coordinate loans; work with designer; coordinate installation with registrars, art handlers and building staff; assist with the organization of the accompanying publication; assist with didactic materials for labels, brochures, and calendar copy; work on producing audio and visual components of the exhibition; other relevant duties as assigned.

Job requirements include: B.A. and background in contemporary art; two years related research and installation experience; excellent writing and oral communication skills; collaborative spirit; knowledge of high technologies and world wide web; and editorial and word processing skills (Microsoft Word for Windows). Individual must be very well organized, self-motivated, and flexible.

Good Luck!!!

For Artists wishing to submit, I think the deadline is August 1, 2005. Submission info can be found at:

Iconoduel, The OC Artblog, Artnet, Megan and Murray McMillan, The View from the Edge of the Universe, Washington DC Artnews.

I'm curious how many submissions were received for the last Biennial, and of those how many were from individual artists and how many came from galleries. Also, were any artists actually selected for the Biennial from the submission process?