Tuesday, May 30, 2006

2006 Richmond Outdoor Sculpture

The Richmond Outdoor Sculpture Thing has announced the 2006 artists. I'm glad they are doing this a second year.

Margery Albertini
Allison Andrews
Beq and James Parker
Chris P. Bolduc - i know his work, he might do something good.
Martin Bromirski
- i am including myself as an honorary participant. read why below.
Andrew Campbell
Frederick Chiriboga
Paul DiPasquale - this is the artist who did the Arthur Ashe Monument!?!? I hope he puts some weird monument down there. Something bizarre. That Arthur Ashe thing is Freaky.
Andrea Ernest

Susan Vander Eb Greene - do i have this name right?
Carolyn Henne - YES! she is excellent.
Ed Holten
- he had my one of my favorite pieces in last year's show.
Mackie MacMillan
John Meola
Katie Whelan
Megan Witherspoon
Claire Zitzow

(if any of the artists above have something they would like me to link to, just e-mail me)

I made fun of them last year for having fourteen artists and only one woman, and notice that this year's list of seventeen artists includes (at least) nine women! Maybe I made some social sculpture???? Definitely. They should put my name on the list of participating artists. Actually, I will update the list above right now and include myself.

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Anonymous said...

The sculptures are great......although
The WARNNING sign in front of the Neptune scuplture is what everyone is talking about. Its so big it completely overwhelms the sign. It is rediculous. Please make it much smaller or move it so it doesnt detract from experiencing Nuptune in all his king of the sea turtle holding glory. Or you could add "Warning you will be shot on site if you even think about touching this scuplture".

Anonymous said...

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