Monday, October 29, 2007

Francois Dallegret

Francois Dallegret's 1966 vision of the artist of the future - "a man-in-space who instead of making concrete art objects sends forth electrical emanations..."

Dallegret diagrammed something called a High Art Space Way Complex, the legend of which explains that the Electro-Structural Overlapping Circulatory System "allows intensive chance contact between artist-senders and people-receivers".

Francois Dallegret
"this image shows the artist beaming the beginnings of an electric environment at an art appreciator; the latter is called a collector because he collects - receives - the artist's waves."

Francois Dallegret
Art in America, March-April 1966 - "projecting electric emanations into space with the purpose of creating an environment."


nat said...

Hey Martin, just wanted to say thanks for your posts. Sometimes when I've searched for artists' paintings I've found them on your site and not elsewhere(your photos of gallery exhibits).

I was just reading an 1962 Art in America today...Andy Warhol was included in the new talent -Prints and Drawings- section and his statement was: "I adore America and these are some comments on it. My Image is a statement of the symbols of the harsh, impersonal products and brash materialistic objects on which America is built today. It is a projection of everything that can be bought and sold, the practical but impermanent symbols that sustain us".

Thought of it as an early, short comment, absent the coolness of later statements. Anyway, thank goodness for former bookstore employees still interested in recent history, and aware of the fact that it is richer than sometimes assumed. I had just been thinking of visiting my local college library to browse through older magazines and your posts have fortuitously encouraged this impulse:P

Hans said...

Thanks for the post, this guy is quite a visionary and a gourmet too

Anonymous said...

nat - that early warhol statement is fascinating.


are you a former bookstore employee? i am as well. hey, you have given me an idea to (maybe) post a very short story i wrote a long time ago, about being an artist and working in the bookstore.

i posted francois because it seemed so relevant to artists blogging.

nat said...

No, I'm a current bookstore employee, also known as a future former-bookstore employee. But at least it's used books(and remainders) and I do the buying. I have one person bringing in art books that haven't yet been published. I'd think they heisted a truck or something but they don't seem like the junkie type.

It would probably be tedious but it would be interesting for you to post your library, or just art library--via google books or librarything. I don't have a blog or I could say "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". I've enjoyed some of your more out-of-the-way artists references. And I encourage you to post the story -- I'll read it.

The Francois post struck my fancy because I'd just been thinking about "new media", though I skipped the local lecture on the topic by Geert Lovink.

On another note-- I think Augustus Vincent Tack did one of the first (modern) meatballs