Tuesday, October 23, 2007

three follow-ups

- Jerry Saltz has written something in response to my post a couple weeks ago. I guess he did get yelled at.

"Two weeks ago, a blogger noted that in my article ‘Has Money Ruined Art?’ (October 15), I was guilty of using many of the same ideas, lines, and quotes that I have used in previous articles. The blogger called this ‘very lazy’; actually, he/she also called me ‘an undead zombie.'"

What is up with the use of "he/she"? He knows darn well I'm a man. Did our studio visit mean nothing???

Felt a little bit bad about that thing he had to write... but then I remembered that he has no problem gratuitously dumping on Dumas (without ever actually reviewing her), the stupid thing he wrote about Moti Hasson, all the Columbia crap... so, whatever.

- Spoke with Hudson about the products on display at Feature. Hudson first noticed Gentle Wind products in the homes of friends across the country in the 90's , and then "got into it a little" himself.

The products on display are not for sale through the gallery. Hudson is the one who did the Q&A with the Gentle Wind founder.

"I think they're more interesting than a lot of art" - Hudson. Okay, Hudson, over and out.

- Geoff Edgers article on B. in the Boston Globe. The photo of B. in the slide show is handsomer than the other photos I've seen.

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Steven LaRose said...

I like you, you're funny.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Martin! You got Jerry to smarten up a little.

Mark Creegan said...

i expect you to be on Art Review's Power 100 list next year!

Anonymous said...

RE: "art" from the Gentle Wind Project cult at Feature gallery.

Thanks, Martin, for putting in commentary from Hudson. This explains everything and is very sad.

If Hudson, or anyone else, would like to have "Moe" Miller's (AKA Panuthos/Carreiro/Silver) "Q & A" deconstructed, please get in touch with us. Or, if you would rather not discuss it with people who were involved with this group, as followers and board members for 17 years, ask Maine or New Hampshire's Attorney Generals instead.

TO: Artists reading this blog - Thanks for your patience in reading about these possibly unrelated matters. However, perhaps this will be useful to you some day. Just like drug addiction, cultic or "high control" involvement affects many families and people from all professions, even art.

w said...

He seems to understand, but he isn't tough enough to actually link to you. or even name you. So he's a wimp too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Martin! If every talking head, mouthpiece or administrator were actually held accountable for what they say, well, it might occur to them there is something more to talk about than the marketplace.