Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lady Pink

Lady Pink, at Ad Hoc Art.... right next door to the good coffee shop I am forgetting the name of.... also within easy walking distance of Pocket Utopia.

I can't believe she isn't that much older than me.... she's been around so long. This work is all new, some (most?) dated 2008. You can get one of these for less than half the price of a Judith Supine... I don't get the art market pricing system (I'm saying that as a fan of Judith Supine).

Five Points. Here's a bigger better view.

PLUS: Really liked the 1983 collaborative piece (with Jenny Holzer) she had in I Am As You Will Be, at Cheim & Reid last fall -

Lady Pink and Jenny Holzer
Lady Pink and Jenny Holzer, Tear ducts seem to be a grief provision, 1983

More Jenny Holzer + Lady Pink images here.... and here's a good image of one. Ilona Granet did the lettering for Jenny. I'm not sure how it works credit-wise, who the "artist" is... the Cheim & Read show label said the piece was by Jenny Holzer and Lady Pink, the Monika Spruth Philomene Magers listing says they are by Holzer, with credit to Granet for the lettering and no credit to Pink. Lady Pink's paintings are AWESOME... - from anaba 2/26/2008


Kai said...

Mystery Coffee Shop- The Archive/ Morgan Stop Coffee Shop

Barnaby said...
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Barnaby said...

I want Five Points.

Anonymous said...

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