Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Megan Pflug

Megan Pflug, Night Gallery, at V&A.

This show was kind of perfect... perfect for the space, perfectly scaled... each piece excellent, all of them together perfect, from every angle.

(okay, i really liked this show... i want to go outside now, but hopefully i can come back later and add something "smarter")

Think Twice, mixed media, 2008

Megan Pflug

Megan Pflug

Untitled, mixed media, 2008 - this is the same piece that is on the floor in the top picture.

We Walked, And Walked And Walked, mixed media, 2008

Megan Pflug
detail of the couple... they disappear into another dimension.

Silver Machine, carbon transfer on paper, 2008


chris said...

looks pretty mind-bending. mc escher, i'd like to introduce you to HAL2000.

Hans said...

Yes, it looks very cool !!

Bruce Wilhelm said...