Friday, January 16, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life, at Sideshow

Nora Griffin - she has three or four pieces in the show - (here is another one) - I like her work a lot and first saw it at Party at Phong's House at Janet Kurnatowski.

It's a Wonderful Life, at Sideshow Gallery - I don't know how many artists are in this show... easily a hundred... maybe hundreds. Each piece has a nearby label identifying the artist... I spent an hour looking and then picked up the list of included artists and realized I had missed A LOT of stuff.


Phong Bui
Phong Bui

Don Voisine

Stuart Hitch
Stewart Hitch - a rare sighting... most of his work was lost and ultimately destroyed... read the NYTimes article The Lost Legacy of Stewart Hitch. Loren Munk told me all about it, and that since the NYTimes article was published it has been admitted that all the work had basically been taken out of storage and thrown in a dumpster.

detail of Stephen Maine's smoke painting.

Stephen Maine
Stephen Maine - I had only known him as a writer, but check out his mesh paintings and smoke pictures.

Fred Gutzeit
Fred Gutzeit - nice to see some examples of his older work, so soon after seeing his just-closed Pocket Utopia installation. These work gloves are from the earliest 80's, I think.

Maria Walker - never heard of her before... like this piece... here's another angle.

Ron Gorchov - never posted on it but liked his show at Nicholas Robinson... here are the pictures. I think Nora Griffin works for him, or worked for him, or something.

MORE!! Tom Billings, Elizabeth Morris, Gregory Coates, Cora Cohen, Susan Mayr, Loren Munk, Martin Potts, Cheyenne Timperio, Russel Roberts, Carolanna Parlato, Liz-N-Val.... hundreds?


Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Good stuff!

Martin said...

okay, i will go back and substitute the words "work" or "piece" for stuff. whatever. glad you liked it.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Did my two word comment make you paranoid? I have no problem with your wording. When it comes to my own art writing I try to avoid the word 'piece' for some reason. In art criticism there is a lot of repetition when it comes to certain words. Like 'show' or 'exhibition' (I try to avoid show), or 'work of art', 'art work', 'piece', 'work', or 'artist', 'maker', 'creator',
'demi-god', 'artisan', etc. I see you still refuse to list me on your blogroll. This is deeply troubling.

Martin said...

no, a mocking email PLUS your two-word comment. i used the word "stuff" like eight times.

sorry about your blog oversight, I will add it now. dude i can't believe those lame artworld salon cartoons are getting a book... yours are WAY WAY better.

Nomi Lubin said...

EAG: When it comes to my own art writing I try to avoid the word 'piece' for some reason.

I'll give you a piece of something to avoid.

I don't even know what that means.

This does look like good stuff, created by makers and creators. Though, maybe the other several hundred works were made by artisans and demi-gods . . . .

Oh, wait. I think I'm mixing up demigod and demagog? Yeah. Demagog is bad; demigod is . . . neutral to good?

I find it hard to say the word artist.

And "creator" is just icky.

Anonymous said...

gorchov kind of got savaged on the artcritical podcast.

Anonymous said...

I've been to lots of the artcritical panels, and really appreciate them, but every once in a while the panel group consensus can be really off the mark--weird.

Nomi Lubin said...

gorchov kind of got savaged on the artcritical podcast.

No kidding. I wish David Cohen had stuck up for him more. But maybe that's not his place in these things?

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Sorry about the 'mocking email'. Are you sure I mocked you? I thought the very last email I sent you I asked you if you wanted to meet up in the city. I took extensive notes on one exhibition when I last visited Chelsea and then I left them back on Long Island at my sister's house. She finally found them and is mailing them to me but the exhibition has closed already. I went to the NYSS about four years ago to see Roger Kimball and Michael Fried argue with one another about Courbet. I have not been there since. I have listened to a few of the Review Panel podcasts but never attended one live. What a good Assistant Editor I am! The panel for the particular event vc commented on is an hilarious combination of temperamants: Ana Finel Honigman, Joe Fyfe and Mario Naves. I would expect nothing less than strong opinions and dismissals.Cohen usually does try to play devil's advocate as moderator, to stir things up a bit. But usually the audience comments/questions at the end get the fireworks going. Personally, I really like Gorchov.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Thanks for the compliment and listing Martin. I don't begrudge Helguera anything. I am sure an argument can be made that his art comics are better drawn than mine and appeal to a wider audience. Of course the bitter/jealous side of me would like to believe that my inability to get my comics published in book format has to do with the nature of the publishing industry etc. Of course I have never submitted my comics to any publisher, so I have yet to be rejected. I would imagine that the publishing house that published the Arttoon book would reject my work, art, stuff. Plus I don't know how my comics would fair in a print format. I have thought about making prints of the better ones on canvas textured paper and submitting the work to a gallery, but alas, I am sure that project would be doomed to failure as well.

Martin said...

the email was from someone else. now you are the paranoid one!

i will have to listen to that review panel with fyfe and honigman...

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

four pieces
A LOT of stuff
Each piece
this piece

reid said...

Nora Griffin is participating in a group show called "Soft Edge" at Camel (772 Metropolitan, Brooklyn) opening Friday, Dec 11, '09. Show also includes Maria Walker (also in its a wonderful life), Chris Martin, Anna Rosen, Peter Acheson, and Rachel Salamone. check out Camel Art Space in the coming weeks for more details. - reid