Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum studio with work in progress. 

Joanne Greenbaum opened her studio to help out Yaddo.... 

Joanne Greenbaum
Studio corner.

Rick Briggs was visiting while I was there, but I didn't find out it was him until after he had left. He was included with an interesting piece at Party at Phong's House, at Janet Kurnatowski.

Joanne Greenbaum studio - LOVE IT- really liked Joanne's painting at the Armory Show last Spring.

Joanne Greenbaum
Joanne Greenbaum studio.


zipthwung said...

The thing to say here is
"can Joanne Greenbaum draw traditional figures as well as oversize doodles?"

Because I'm a hater.

But I'm glad someone is having fun, because it keeps the dream alive, and without dreams, there is no live, and no either.

I'd like to see more fiigure ground integration, is what I'm saying, because I got wanded at the airport, and I think JG should have to, too, just like everybody else.

I bet she thinks she's so much better than everyone else, it makes me sick.

zipthwung said...
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kelli said...

I'm not really in to abstraction but I really like her. Her, Laleh Khorramian and Ali Banisadr all seem like very narrative abstract artists. It's a strange subgenre.

zipthwung said...

Good point. I see your artists and I raise a historical cannonized William T. Wiley.

Also, Eric Parker maybe.

Just examples - but right or left of the fig/abstract line.

Oh but everything is abstract, I keep forgetting. That's why I drink.

Anonymous said...

everything except abstraction