Tuesday, November 08, 2005


domeshow, originally uploaded by Bromirski.
Here's a photo of the big dome tent that was set up by Drew Liverman and friends in a small empty lot between two buildings on Friday night. This was another good First Friday, lots to see, and lots of surprises like the above dome.
The spraypainted sign above the entrance says freedome and there was a cardboard box out front full of 3-D glasses. Inside the tent there was a three or four person band playing really loud screechy - but good, not annoying - music, abstract cardboard sculptures painted blue and red so they looked even more 3-D with the glasses on, and a really crazy wild 3-D light show all over the dome (mostly projected onto and into the tent from outside the back). I couldn't tell whether the musicians were taking cues from the light show or if the light was responding to the music. These photos taken inside the tent are bright but in fact it was much darker and more colorful; a very different experience than the photo relates.
Here is a cool photo of the back of the tent. Not sure here what is being projected onto the tent, was spraypainted onto the tent, or is coming from within the tent.