Monday, January 23, 2006

art basel anaba

Marina Abramovic
This is Marina Abramovic, not Joseph Beuys.

This is (Elaine) Sturtevant, not Andy Warhol.

Eric Doeringer
This is Eric Doeringer, not Dana Schutz.

Earl M. Washington
This is Earl M. Washington, not Rockwell Kent.

Earl M. Washington was selling prints at bookstores and on e-bay that he claimed were made by his great-grandfather in the thirties, mostly copies of other artists. The print pictured above is after Rockwell Kent, signed Earl M. Washington and dated 1931. BUT... the guy made up the whole story about his great-grandfather and was making the copies himself, in the nineties. So it is not a Rockwell but looks like one, it really is by the artist who signed it, but the date of 1931 is not true.

He has sold about 60,000 prints so far and is still doing it. You can buy them at Black Swan Books, where I took this photo. The back of the print has some explanatory text but no credit at all is given to Rockwell Kent. I said something to the owner about that but he got defensive.

Forbes published an article called Catch Me If You Can.

Thomas Moses
This is Thomas Moses, not Grandma Moses.

Thomas Moses and his brother Will Moses both learned to paint from their grandfather Forest Moses, who was the son of Grandma Moses.

I love the paintings of Grandma Moses, not so much Forest Moses, and Will Moses' stuff feels like hack-work; I very much like the paintings of Thomas Moses. Thomas is Will's older brother and they both began painting at about the same time, but Thomas had to stop for personal problems or something, and has started back up again relatively recently after a thirty-plus year break.

Grandma Moses painted mostly from memory, so although she was working in the 1940's and 1950's, the scenes depict life much earlier. The two living Moses brothers are both around sixty, but although they are painting scenes that pre-date their own births, they are also painting from memory - having spent their childhoods surrounded by the work of their grandfather and great-grandmother. I am fascinated by the whole Moses thing.

Thomas Moses has made a website, and I think he is even starting a blog!?!?

Richard Pettibone
This is Richard Pettibone, not Frank Stella.

I told Richard Pettibone about Eric Doeringer and Richard Pettibone asked, "Does he do me?". That was funny.

Another lady at the same lecture started asking Richard Pettibone questions as if he were Ray Pettibon, it took her a while to get that she didn't just have his first name wrong, but that this was a completely different artist and she was at the wrong lecture. That was really funny, for Richard Pettibone HIMSELF to be confused for another artist, in the flesh!! Woah.

There was great deal of confusion about names and I am not sure what he was asked next, but he responded "you don't think I made up the name Pettibone, (do you)?". This was getting so weird because Raymond Pettibon did assume the surname Pettibon, his real last name is Ginn.

I got so dizzy with it all.

Van Gogh
This is Vincent Van Gogh, not Millet.


Kai said...

Due to a super charged freezer, I spent three hours trying to thaw that jack rabbit with a heat gun. It didn't really work. In the end one of my co-workers cracked the poor beast over thier knee to coax some wiggleability. It was my most memorable art handling gig to date. What did you think of the performance? I left after I handed over the hare to the golden lady. I might of not given the thing a fair shake, but the whole run of performances seemed to have lost most all of the edge thier original performers brought to them. One entailed 2 flameproof suits worn by the performer, laying over candles that I cut 1.5" off of. +cooling fans. I thought it was an overly acted art history lesson. Maybe that was the intent? Multitudes of people and dollars were drawn in to the museum- that's good. The rabbit was a South Dakota roadkill. It got to go to the big city- that's good. It's kinda like those prisoners who are in the bodies show. If the other option's an unmarked grave out in the woods, I'd go for the museum tour.

Martin said...

Kai - Did you get a hair or toenail clipping from the rabbit? We could use it's DNA to make a copy.

Kai said...

You wouldn't have wanted a copy of that thing, one of its eyes was sqooshed out. Plus it was real big, you couldn't afford to keep many of those gruesome things around.
Let's all take a moment to love and remember Richard Carlyon, hopefully forgetting about gilted europeans and thier over the top shananigans.

Hungry Hyaena said...

Interesting post. It taps into issues of contemporary (and historical, for that matter) anonymity and authorship, some of which have been on my mind lately...and also appearing elsewhere in the art blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything substantive to say, but had to write: great post.

samoheyl said...

Hi, I like your blog. I like talking about painting and sculpture. my name is Sean Samoheyl. uhm, yep.

Anonymous said...

hey sean - i saw your figures at chop suey. i think i have some photos on my flickr site somewhere, been meaning to post them.

samoheyl said...

Hi, yeah, I found your site through the flickr thing. I'm glad you like the dolls. I am making stop motion films with them. Also, my girlfriend and I were just published on http://www.eyeshot.net which is a literary journal like McSweeny's. I did the illustrations for the 15 very short stories there. Anyway, thanks again. It's great you met Jeff Koons and Julian Schnabel. They are art's rockstars I think. I met Jim Dine once who was very nice. Ok, take care. -Sean

Anonymous said...

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