Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Maix Mayer

from Grizzly Man movie
This scene from Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man made me think of one of Maix Mayer's Surface Charge movies, the one shot from below a frosted glass floor. The still below doesn't picture it, but my favorite part of this quiet video of a crowd entering a small room and milling about before exiting is the entrance of a presumably older person with a cane. The little dot of the cane touching the floor, disappearing, then touching the floor again was very nice.

Maix Mayer
still from Maix Mayer's video, Oberflache

from Grizzly Man movie
This fox is what was pawing at the tent (in the first still above). This scene had a sense of magic, mystery, wonder, tenderness, and possible danger. The tent was being poked and the film-maker, Timothy Treadwell, is in the tent poking back at the paws with his finger. Have you seen this movie?


fairy butler said...

funny. we had a small, wrong discussion about grizzly just this afternoon on the blogs. warning: not pc.

Martin said...

I know! I saw that! It got weird so I stayed away.

Netflix! I am getting the New Art City movies sent to me. It is taking a long time.

Have you seen Happiness of the Katakuris? Very very good and funny.

fairy butler said...

i will look into these movies. hmmm.... and sorry about the oddity of the wacko posts. clearly there were MANY bored beigers afoot yesterday.

Martin said...

Oh, it is Art City, not "New" Art City.

Michael said...

I recently saw a preview for the documentary Touch the Sound (about a deaf percussionist) and the preview opened with a scene from the same public space where Maix Mayer filmed Oberflache. It looked a lot like his film, but a bit more intreresting (there were dogs AND people).

Do you know where he filmed it? For some reason I want to say Heatrhrow. If you ask me, it's more travel-art!

Anonymous said...

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