Thursday, March 30, 2006

chelsea, march 2006, #3

Wade Guyton at Friedrich Petzel - a small room full of big "paintings", looked great, even very close together. They aren't really painted, the linen (is folded first?) is fed through color printers. Lots of printer's errors - things smudge or drag or blur - make them interesting. Heart As Arena has more info and photos.

I spent some time looking at the one above, thinking about how on one side the white circle looked like positive space and on the other side it looked like negative space, and in the middle it all sort of layered. The two blacks, the left and the right, are not the same; one side is a little more faded. This was an abstract painting, a goofy face, a moonlit night, a hole-y building.

Robert Appleton
Robert Appleton at Paul Sharpe - he painted longing and make-believe.

Laurie Hogin
Laurie Hogin at Schroeder Romero- she can really paint fur! Check out that skull, I saw A LOT of skulls in Chelsea. Cheese skulls, helmet skulls, sad helmet baseball skulls, many many skulls.

in and out real quick: Rachel Whiteread at ?, Tony Oursler at ?, Alois K. at Plus Ultra (the light was really strange in a bad way in there, is that the way it always is?), ? at DCKT, ? at Boesky, ? at Stux, ? at Rare, ? at Freight & Volume. Some others, but can't remember who and where.

not in long enough: Forest movie at Cynthia Broan (only saw the last 20 minutes of the main movie), Phil Collins movie(s) at Tonya Benekder, Kara Walker movie at Sikkema Jenkins. Many good videos in Chelsea. Enjoyed the David Guinan interviews at Alona Kagan (sorry to see Colleen Asper's painting badly lit). Loved Cao Fei at Lombard-Fried.

missed!: Judith Linhares, Jules Olitski at Paul Kasmin!! others i'm sure.


Michael said...

Hey Martin
Returning from a trip to NYC, Philly and DC to p/u Judith Schaecter's work I thought about One Day in the Garden.
And I thought that I would like to see them in person but mostly I thought:

Why suddenly Italy?

Michael McDevitt said...

(A different Michael)
I love the fantastic menagerie. It evokes all the old natural history illustrations and their contemporary fans (like Walton Ford). Yet at the same time, there is a softness in it that makes me think of Inka Essenhigh or Mark Ryden. Nice pick.
Wouldn't it be cool if they sold Cheese Skulls at Kroger? (I feel like Ukrops would refuse to carry them). Mmm... Or what about Ice Cream Cake Skulls?

Anonymous said...

I was doing a search on Google for my family name when I came across your blog. Very nice stuff.

And with a name like this I am thinking we may be related somehow. I live in PA and most of my immediate family is from NJ.

Figured I would say hi


Anonymous said...

Michael #1 - ah! hardly anyone ever asks about that.

i wanted to end with something that appeared completely random.

but, there are very specific clues in there; only so obtuse or so insignificant that it would be unlikely for someone to piece them together, even after the fact. it is actually more like a code. it's a letdown if i tell you (but i will say that you probably can't figure it out looking at the scanned flickr images because some things got cropped).

i did a lot of weird little things in that piece. i dorked out in a big way on it. i wish someone would publish it.

i've made three pieces like that. most of "sunflower" has been scanned in.

Ric Bromirski - i will e-mail you, maybe next week. have you been to the ellis island web site? if you enter bromirski only three names come up, my great-grandparents and his brother. do you know them?

Anonymous said...

Martin - It seems that maybe we arent related afterall. But it still is very interesting to find someone else with our same last name. I know it is not very common at all. My relatives are listed on the Ellis Island site but they have an older version of the name...Bromirsky which was eventually changed around that time to ski.

However growing up as a kid and through highschool I was very into art so this blog is an interesting one for me. Glad I found it!

Anonymous said...

ric - i don't think it's an older version.. i think they are different names.

my great-grandfather did americanize his first name coming over, from marcel to martin. i wish he had kept the marcel... because that would be my name now.