Thursday, March 02, 2006

the WB

TONS of Whitney Biennial photos courtesy of Libby and Roberta -

Roberta’s Whitney set! Libby's Whitney set!

First looks at the WB from Barry, Libby and Roberta, and Zoe.

Gossip! Some of the latest comments (scroll dooowwn) on Edna's blog are getting juicy with the gossip. The initial post makes Vergne look pretty skeevy - his romantic partner is a business partner in a gallery that represents a number of the artists - and now someone is saying that another included artist is Vergne's best friend and that another one of the artists has a mom on the Whitney's board.

I don't know if that artist's mom is really on the board, but she very well might be (and MoMA too). He is supposedly a member of the de Menil family. Here is an article from Miami 2004 in which he takes a limo with David Rimanelli to a very very excloosive party, where he and his friend Dan clown around and have fun.

As stated in the comments to this recent post, I don't think having money has very much at all to do with the art-making impetus, but it has A LOT to do with getting the connections you need to get shown and discussed, and the amount of effort you would otherwise need to make.

Oh! That artist's friend Dan is in the WB too! What a nice surprise!


fairy butler said...

hi martin. it's funny - your comment about "money having a lot to do with getting connections and the work shown..." is simultaneously depressing and liberating. the art world is an unregulated circle jerk as someone put it on that comment thread. it is, certainly. so, what to do with that.

it sort of puts it in perspective, you know. like it's not all my fault that i'm not the most successful painter on the block. some argue that if the work is really good - they will come. not always. (and the work can always be better too) it's like you have to be in it for the long haul and just find a way to accept the poop nuggets. but for myself this realization lets me blame myself just a little less, you know?

sorry to go down some pyschotherapy road, but this is the stuff that can turn a person bitter.

fairy butler said...

and in my case, i am certain that what I am doing in the studio could be better, i could work harder, smarter, etc. but there are other elements in the equation for a successful(whatever that means) art career.

w said...

I read somewhere that success in the art world depends on hard work, talent and luck. You can have 2 and make it, but not one. I would add luck = connections.

Actually, this is the way the whole world works.

Fairy, youre right, lets just keep working.

Anonymous said...

FB - Yes, I know what you mean about the liberating feeling, and have felt that way for a while.

ZS said...

Just putting out that Martin is awesome.