Monday, September 18, 2006

Don Crow

Don Crow is showing at Plant Zero. Some of these new works incorporate photographs... maybe photographs he has taken himself in Qatar? The photos are black and white, not glossy, printed on some kind of paper or foam. They have a dusty feel, or maybe that is just from all the dusty scenes being photographed.

This one is constructed like the pieces from his Reynolds Gallery show. All painted Kraft paper: painted paper frame folded and stapled over painted paper ground, stapled with painted paper shapes.

i wrote more but it has been eaten by the computer... aaargh. i am tired now. maybe tomorrow.

Gregg Carbo, Don Crow, and Amie Oliver are showing together at Plant Zero through September 2oth - ONLY THREE MORE DAYS!!

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Anonymous said...

These are terrific. No games, no posturing, no conservativism, no novelty.