Tuesday, September 19, 2006

two things

There are so many things I mean to post and never get around to, until it is (almost) too late.

Artists/Curators/Collaborators, propose a show at 1708 Gallery - 1708 Gallery invites artists, collaborative groups, & curators interested in proposing exhibitions at 1708 Gallery to do so at this time. 1708 is a cutting-edge, non-profit art gallery interested in all genres and contemporary approaches to art making.

Proposals are due for our next bi-annual review session at the gallery by 5pm, Monday October 2, 2006 for consideration during this fall’s proposal review session. Proposals are now being considered for the 2007/2008 season. Proposal Guidelines are on the 1708 web site: http://www.1708gallery.org/ under Exhibitions/Proposals.

LAST CALL to participate in JT's Artists Interview Artists project - I keep thinking I will do this, but... . Chris Ashley, Carol Es, Deborah Fisher, Joanne Greenbaum, Christine Tillman, and Douglas Witmer have all done it. Fiona Ross was just on it!!!


Anonymous said...

We have room for more participants if you want to do it! Or anyone else for that matter.

Thanks for the plug!

Chris Herbeck said...

I have crazy ideas for shows..i just don't know if I can make it to VA.

Anonymous said...

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