Wednesday, April 11, 2007

THE photo of the first week of April, 2007... PLUS: a brief report on some Chelsea yucks, snoozes, and so-whats

Saw this Mitch Epstein photo like 4 different times in one week... first I saw it on Tyler's blog, then I saw it on Paddy's blog, then I saw it in the exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins (briefly, because the show was a snooze).... THEN, I saw this HUGE one at night in a big window.

This big one was the best, because the photo already had such a stageset feel... seeing it in those footlights at real backdrop size seems right. Plus - the daytime photo, spotlit, at NIGHT... something about all that... I like the two opposing light sources, the sun vs. the spotlights... makes the picture more eerie.

Constable and Pisarro are both tooo much of a stretch for me, sorry. Maybe X-Files, okay.

Some Chelsea YUCK!s, SNOOZEs and So-Whats -


Julie Evans at Julie Saul - they were GUSHING over these paintings on Winkleman's blog... they make me feel ill.

Christopher Tanner at Pavel Zoubok - i vomited. which sucks, because i like zoubok's john evans and lanigan-schmidt, so i was hoping this would be a good one.

Susanne Kuhn at Goff + Rosenthal - i can't decide if this is a yuck, a snooze, or a so-what.


Borf video at eyebeam - oooo, look at me push over a port-a-potty. i'm a bad boy. look at me. hey, you're not looking at me! please pet me.

(this one is a snooze/so-what)


Amy Cutler at Leslie Tonkonow

group show at CRG - i tried to get into them, but failed. Tomory Dodge is definitely better than last time... in 7/2005 i liked Dufresne's small pieces at Monya Rowe better than the big ones at Lehmann Maupin; the pieces here are all big. maybe she was my favorite in the show (?).

all four of them are okay, but they all remind of someone else (in a negative way), and all of them seem to be missing something... a spark or something.

Torben Giehler at Leo Koenig - BUMMer when you go to a gallery prepared to really like whatever they are showing... and it is a snooze. my bad timing.

um... some are okay from far away?

group show at Alona Kagan - (can't find it on-line)
Saeko Takagi at ATM - maybe with a second visit i would like it more?

Elliot Hundley at Andrea Rosen - i'm almost there... but again, that spark.


Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson at Freericks & Frieser - some weird stuff happening.

UPDATE: i've decided i really like it.

Josh Smith
Josh Smith at Luhring Augustine- some are seriously unbelievably horrible yuck/so-whats, but a few are interesting(?).


Paddy Johnson said...

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. I think Constable is a reasonable connection, but it helps to have seen that particular show, and to have cared for the smoke stack picture in first place:)

Barnaby said...

hmmm.. I have to check out the Lamar Peterson.. I'm digging the jpeg ya have up..

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you on the Julie Evans stuff-pretty vacuous-is there some kind of collective madness going on @Winkleman blog..?

Anonymous said...

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