Monday, August 11, 2008

Steve DiBenedetto

Casa Amnesia, 2008

Steve DiBenedetto at University Art Museum, SUNY Albany.

Steve DiBenedetto
detail of Casa Amnesia - i love red and blue together... they are Spider-Man colors.

Steve DiBenedetto
detail of Casa Amnesia

detail of Casa Amnesia - hot pool of grenade green.

Half a Place, 2005

detail of Half a Place - carnival Eiffel Tower of electro-guns, zap.

Edge Dwelling, 2008

detail of Edge Dwelling - glyphs like guns, in each pane.

Steve DiBenedetto
Breakup, 2003-04 - better in reality, maybe you can see some of the good stuff if you click the picture to make it bigger. Here's a much smaller helicopter+spinning color-wheel+octopus painting from 2000.

The many helicopter paintings and drawings are full of short choppy strokes, spaces, and breaks... like the choppy thwack sound of helicopters. The lines and ridges shared the same pulsing blade whop. It was a synaesthetic experience like what I get with some of Charles Burchfield's paintings and the pulsing hum of ciccadas.

Helicopter sounds (third one down is good), blade whops. Some intense sounds, I want to make music. Here I am playing the Netflix strip.

Red and Green Abstraction, 1997-98 - pre-helicopter and octopi? maybe he didn't even start those until he was forty? here's another (relatively) early abstraction, i didn't get the date or title.
Fester, 1999 - earliest of the helicopters and octopi in the show...
Untitled, 2000
Cryptopsy, 2000-01 - sort of a bio-Lasker... like J. Lasker and T. Winters got caught in the same transporter.
Octotech, 2007

Steve DiBenedetto
detail of helicopter from Octotech, 2007.

Steve DiBenedetto is upstairs, Keith Edmier is downstairs.

University Art Museum, SUNY Albany
Ceilings are fantastic... place feels like Iran or something, even the outside.

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Timothy Buckwalter said...

the campus was designed by Edward Durrell Stone - he did 2 Columbus Circle and Busch Stadium.

Anonymous said...

"Glyphs like guns in each pane." Nice, Martin.

Martin said...

hey mm, thanks. there were some good paintings, that's for sure.

i went back to the tang today and saw amy sillman briefly (they were about to close)...

Nomi Lubin said...

Wow. Like these a lot.

Barnaby said...

I'm on a red and blue kick now.

Anonymous said...

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