Friday, October 17, 2008

Agathe Snow

Agathe Snow, at James Fuentes.

They're like mobiles... everything is suspended from curtain rod axis, hanging from the ceiling. James Hyde once referred to the mobile as a "ruined genre".... loved that.

These pieces are each based on individual fables by Leonardo da Vinci... I don't know any of the fables but wished that I had... very much enjoyed the sense of (backstage) theatricality and invention. It felt like a rich full magical narrative was mid-suspension.

Agathe Snow.


zipthwung said...

But they are in fashion, or fashionably not crafted - a lot of art seems like the dude in Close encounters of the third kind than from people who do carpentry for a living. Not saying you have to know how to use a drill or what biscuit joinery is, just that it might help you realize some of your more ambitious projects, not that your projects have to be ambitious, and certainly a good drill costs money, and what if you aren;t even going to use a drill in your next project?

Curtain rods are of course important and not something you picked up at Lowes, and thought "hey you hang stuff of of those," is what I'm saying.

And also, if yo made your own wooden coat hangers, well those might sell. Make them out of cedar and use a cnc router to carve a bas relief in them - maybe from a snapshot you took while touring Italy.

Barnaby said...

Love this! thanks Martin!

Anonymous said...

Is Zip going to ruin your blog now after ruining painternyc? You should seriously consider deleting this drivel.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Please make it stop. This is not the place for pretentious BS.

Martin said...

what are you talking about? zip contributed a comment on the work posted... talking about how the sloppy un-monumental look is fashionable, the ubiquitousness of the reliance on places like lowes for art supplies, that curtain hangers as hangers are not much of a stretch... what is the prob?

zipthwung said...

yeah. and check out Jim Dine in the NYT - hes using cnc routers like every other artist with a budger oracess to a shop. so i'm totally referencing other artists witht he coathanger crack as well as referencing a crack about armatures being coat hangers, and armatures as a formal or conceptual device - though i think im probably being a bit pretentious, thouh not as pretentious as Jim DIne or Agathe Snow, or even Anonymous (like i could ruin a conversation about postmodern art by use of pretentious "non sequiturs," or even by overposting to a forum that gets comments like "nice painting" and "hope to see you at the opening" or "I am so hungover") who (anoanonymous), again, I forgive.

I just made the connecion beween dine's hearts and koon's popable topical pop tart art.

Riddle me a walla walla washington onion, you know? I peel good:

Partridge family or brady bunch?

marsha marsha marsha!

Anonymous said...

Point proven.

zipthwung said...

i forgive you.

zipthwung said...

Did you get the marsha marsha marsha thing? I'd explain it but that would spoil the admittedly bad (in a bad way, not a "good-bad" way) "joke" except its more of a culturally coded reference.

Check out Agathe snows writing:

"Their process is just as fascinating, as it is terrifying, just as aggravating and just as concerning a spectacle/a debacle, as it is easily forgotten, all its parts driven to balance, it all always of all its part adds up to nothing. It is, of its nature, completely, devoid, of meaning."

I mean I think I am in love with Agathe Snow, even if she is tarred with the same brush as Dash "the hampster" Snow. In the above wote she's talking about Rita "heroin Chik" ackerman's work - Rita being famous for painting the windows of Max Fish at one time, and also for being on the cover of a SOnic Youth Album.

read aobut it here

I'm watching Peyton Place, which seems apropriate - blows the lid off of small town america!

Let the night of the long knives commence!