Monday, October 13, 2008

Party at Phong's House

Peter Gallo - it says "Clifford Still".

Party at Phong's House, at Galeria Janet Kurnatowski - good show, curated by Chris Martin.

This was one of the best group shows I saw last week, along with the B. Wurtz-curated show at White Columns. Both are artist-curated medium-specific shows built around central artists... the Chris Martin (painter) show stars Ron Gorchov, the B. Wurtz (sculpture) show grounded by a Sol Lewitt.

Keltie Ferris

forget who.... someone please tell me. also, can't remember this artist's name either. UPDATE: Nora Griffin (?)

The show included 80-something paintings by more than thirty artists. I first checked out all of the work thinking about what I liked most before doing it a second time with the identifying artist list... was glad to discover that two of my "crap" picks were by a kid and an elephant. I should be an art adviser.

Ron Gorchov

EJ Hauser

Rick Briggs
who is this artist? i had it misattributed for a long time.

Really liked the black Matt Connors painting... but couldn't get an adequate photograph.

Alison Fox

Party at Phong's House closed YESTERDAY... sorry if you missed it.

Hrag Vartanian on Party at Phong's.
Roberta Smith on Begin Again Right Back Here.

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