Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roger White

Roger White, at Rachel Uffner Gallery.

Roger White is the first show at this new gallery... Rachel Uffner has taken over the disbanded Orchard space. A few of the Orchard members might be starting a new place in Harlem.

This is the third painting from the left in the installation photo above, it's small. I like the traces of white on top signifying the unopened perforated oval, the gold arches and bow on the side, and how the print pattern sort of falls over the edge of the box (click the image to see it bigger).

Roger White


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zipthwung said...

The shirt is a bit twee for my tastes.

The checkerish patterns are nice but I like Navajo rugs, which is probably why MDJ likes this stuff, as probably a bucnch of other people who are on the same boat or wagon or whatever.

The kleenex box bothers me. Why the fixation with banality anyways? Can't we move on?

I have never been a fan of kleenex boxes.

Martin said...

i think my photo makes the shirt painting look a little more twee than it is, i'm not especially into twee either.

definitely, the subjects are banal... but the painting is fresh.

Anonymous said...

Those are some monumental tissue boxes! They look like giant majestic mountains that congested converts must climb in order to achieve clear sinus nirvana.

Anonymous said...

I like. Reminds me of Albert York, painterly touch-wise.

If you ever visit Philly, you should visit Twenty-Two gallery. Used to be a combo coffee shop/gallery though after the summer they removed the coffee machines and tables.


Anyway, they usually have very small scale paintings, very reasonably priced and *top* quality. You'd enjoy it.


Paddy Johnson said...

Matthew Day Jackson and Roger White used to work together.

DarthFan said...

I must be gettign old. Surface matters to me right now. THat clown painting in the last post seems like it has a tasty crumbly surface like raisin bran maybe or maybe its jsut the commercial i just saw for raisin bran. Raisin Bran.

Artistic purity is more important than friends. I hope MDJ sincerely believes whatever and isn't just positive for positive's sake like so many people on wallstreet today who are eating raisin bran, particularly after around 2:30. Raisin Bran in the afternoon, its not twee at all.

Kai said...

I think the shirt paintings are really good, especially the small ones. They go beyond the surface and fold space. I can only assume their greatness because I, with no great appreciation for most things painted, was fascinated by them.