Monday, July 30, 2012

NADA Hudson 2012


Brent Owens w/Invisible-Exports - my first take on this was that it was a mushroom log! ha... but it's a party sub, he saws to order.

Brent Owens
I've seen his work in Spring Break and at English Kills... Ryan Ford told me I needed to see it.

Brent Owens' Knickerbocker Mini Maw at Storefront Bushwick.

Ian Pedigo w/Klaus von Nichtssagend

Marianne Vitale
Marianne Vitale w/Zach Feuer

wtf i just googled her and read that she had a brief job in my hometown.

Kristan Kennedy

Ned Colclough
Ned Colclough w/Nicelle Beauchene

Lizzie Wright w/Regina Rex

Lizzie Wright Studio Visit.

James Leonard w/DAC

Kirsten Kindler!

Kirsten Kindler at ADA Gallery, on anaba 2/19/2006.
Kirsten Kindler the Second Post, on anaba 2/28/2006... because apparently somebody didn't get it the first time.

Daniel Davidson
Daniel Davidson w/ADA Gallery

Daniel Davidson at ADA, on anaba 11/7/2006.

JD Walsh w/Daily Operation - triangles (the instrument) on an unseen line scrolling by in alternate directions, randomly(?) tapped with a wand by a floating hand.... part magic, part ritual, part music.

JD Walsh on anaba 6/14/2010.
JD Walsh on anaba 7/2/2008 - in the park!

Allan Glatter
Allan Glatter
w/Rawson Projects.

David Cherubini
w/Newman Popiashvili

Must re-state that Paul Bloodgood at Newman Popiashvili was EXCELLENT.

baby pool

Mike Hein
Mike Hein
w/ADA Gallery.

Mike Hein at Mulherin-Pollard (ADA in NYC), on anaba 7/8/2012.
Mike Hein at Edward Thorp, on anaba 10/14/2009.

Denise Kupferschmidt
w/Halsey McKay.

Nightboat Books
Nightboat Books - (that is the guy who runs Callicoon)... I got Daniel Borzutzky's The Book of Interfering Bodies, one of the blurbs on the back is by Linh Dinh.


Alex Da Corte
Alex Da Corte
w/Joe Sheftel

I liked his last show at Joe Sheftel but oh man! I sure did stir up some shit on the Philly Artblog a few years ago.

Marianne Vitale

David Alexander Flinn w/envoy.

David Cary Higginbotham
? w/Blackston

Jon Lutz

Amy Brener
Amy Brener


Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Will I ever live that down?


Martin said...

haha not as long as i have the internet, girlfriend!

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Is your show still up at JD?

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Ill try to see it

Martin said...

no, it's over, but brenda goodman, louise fishman, and some others are up... interesing sculptor on the top floor... i will post pics of all.

Anonymous said...

If I stop being a mediocre artist and go back to being a mediocre art critic I will review your work. I left old paintings of mine hanging on the outside of my art shack for a long time and when I saw them again one of the things I thought about was how I liked your paintings. Yes DC ok'd me writing a 150 word blurb on Fishman that would accompany an image of his work for one week on artcritical. Be well and good luck.

Bernard Klevickas said...

Who= Marianne Vitale. According to a post I saw on Hyperallergic

Martin said...

thanks eric, thanks bernard.