Wednesday, September 12, 2012

George Hofmann

George Hofmann, at Show Room.

WOW what a great show, in a really cool space... I had never been... one of the shows I need to go back to and look at again.

LES on Suffolk.

Michael Zahn in pink shirt... Piri Halasz in profile, speaking to a hidden Hofmann... what is the name of the tall guy? I forget.

Look Piri's blog.

George Hofmann
Happy Hofmann

I helped him move some stuff into storage in Troy five years ago or so... I think he is in DC now.

George Hofmann speaking with Piri Halasz.

George Hofmann on the Henri blog, in his own words.
Paul Corio on George Hofmann, at Martinez Gallery, in Troy.

George Hofmann.... one of the best shows hanging in NYC.


Mark Stone said...

Thanks so much for going to the opening Martin! George will be very gratified by your post! Just wanted to point out the hidden person next to George is the wonderful painter Dennis Bellone, another artist/painter that we should be seeing in the galleries!

Mark Stone

Martin said...

sorry we didn't meet! thanks for the name (d. bellone) i will google him.

i will go back to this show on wednesday i think.