Monday, September 17, 2012

Robert Janz Mountain Mode

i noticed this happening

peel your eyes open

he had no idea i was taking his photo

UPDATE: Janz Work!

rag & bone new york


when i was ready to go i said hello and let him know i had taken photos... he was happy and said he had a blog and asked if i would send some... look at his blog it's really nice.

he says he has a studio in tribeca but that he wanted to paint bigger. he has been making these all over... they keep getting "erased" he said but he re-paints them, sometimes multiple times in the same spot... he was on his way to check another site that he had been re-painting many times. nobody ever bothers him. he is puzzled why anybody would bother to erase his paintings.


Robert Janz
Robert Janz

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