Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sarah Peters

Barnaby has made a post reminding me that I never said anything about the Sarah Peters show at Winkleman that I saw like THREE times (on two different NYC trips). I'm seriously way way behind in posting things that I'd have liked to post... I get overwhelmed with content.

I loved all the SP's and Sarah Peters signatures everywere, all the little hiding places, the started and abandoned bits, the tiny grouping of hands reaching down, the erasures and follies, the swooshy swept rythm of the whole thing. ARCADIA. - (this is basically my comment on Barnaby's blog).

It's impossible to take good pictures of faint pencil/pen lines with a 1.3 megapixel cell-phone camera, but... anyways...

These photos are just tiny details of a drawing that spanned the entire wall. I was EnTrAnCeD.

An S.P., and above that an almost completely invisible Sarah Peters, and above that there is probably a faint profile sketched into that cameo.

These little things are everywhere... hidden amongst the rythym of this big scroll drawing. It's kind of like a Turner, or a sea storm, or pulled taffy, or a landscape on a blanket propped up by chairs and suspended by strings.

This was one of my favorite charm points... an almost completely erased figure sitting on the edge of a barely delineated table....

I liked that part a lot because it reminded me of the little guy, barely visible, sitting atop the staff in this Paris drawing -
You need to CliCK hERe to maybe see it.

More than anyone I am reminded of Eilshemius.... his floaty alabaster ladies, landscapes of charm and awkwardness. This one is especially Eilshemius.

RELATED: Sarah got a good review in the NYTimes from Roberta Smith, and amazingly I ran into her on the street that very day.