Thursday, August 30, 2007


Some dawnings -

#1. I've just finally realized that this art-Youtuber I started sometimes looking at back in December - because of the fairs, he was kind of a pre-James Kalm - is Dennis Hollingsworth.

Confession: I'm not much of a Dennis Hollingsworth fan... but I know that a lot of people are, so ... enjoy.

There are some interesting ones in which he is visiting Hiroshi Sugito's studio, in Nagoya, and they are both working on paintings... or maybe they are two collaborative paintings? Hiroshi has a super suteki studio, but bikkuri is it clean. WARNING: Chris Isaak music.

#2. This other Youtube site, which is all political clips and that I've been watching for a while, is run by someone who is a friend of Barnaby and Heather's??? Weird! I had no idea of any art connection, let alone to people that I've met.

This is good for me, 'cause I don't have cable.

I have to share that it is HILARIOUS when Sen. Craig walks out to the podium and the very first thing he says is "thank you all very much for, uh, coming out today".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout and watching the YouTube Channel. I have known little Miss Heather for almost 20 years. Dear me, we are old! Heather will always be my special Vestal Virgin.

Anonymous said...

i check it almost every day... seriously. about the only tv i watch now is mcneil-leher and antiques roadshow, i'm glad to have your site to fill in so many of the blanks.

the debate clips are good... loved the gravel one.

can't remember now how exactly i first discovered it, but it didn't have anything to do with any art thing.

i've only met heather once, briefly.

Anonymous said...

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