Wednesday, August 22, 2007

David Diao

David Diao
David Diao has some work in Stripes, a small show at the Tang. Six of his Little Suprematist Prisons, from a series of thirty made in 1986.

They're inspired partly by Robert Motherwell's Little Spanish Prison, of 1941... plus of course Malevich. I think next time I go to MoMA I'll look for that Motherwell.

with Daniel Buren!
i like stripes.

David Diao is another artist from High Times, Hard Times. They're everywhere! I should make a new label... "artists who were in High Times, Hard Times". Speaking of which, it would be really nice to take a trip out to the Parrish Art Museum to see the Alan Shields show when it opens. If someone plans to make that trip please take me.

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- Chris Ashley's post on stripes and Motherwell's Little Spanish Prison.