Thursday, August 16, 2007

Richard Prince

I made a pilgrimmage, to Richard Prince's Second House, not knowing what I might find.

I'd read on Artnet last month that it had been struck by lightning and destroyed, and wanted to go and see what, if anything, was left. I was surprised to find anything still standing...


Richard Prince, display case?

Car from window. It's a '73 Barracuda! Matte!!!

Richard Prince, wasps on barracuda
Crawling with wasps! Wasps everywhere, including the hood, all entries BLOCKED.

Why is it is so perfect???

It was too good to be true.

RELATED: an NYFA feature was published less than 24 hours after I posted that first image. Wow. I went on Tuesday, they must have visited sometime before that.... but, I like my pictures better, even though they are just cell phone pictures.


Barnaby said...

Great post Martin.

You know I am fucking obsessed with the wasp car now.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite novels is yukio mishima's "temple of the golden pavilion" (kinkakuji, in japanese), in which a young monk becomes obsessed with the beauty of a gold foil-covered pavilion, and burns it down - (ichikawa kon made a movie about it, and paul schrader references it in his movie on the life of mishima) - it's based on a true story, the real building was rebuilt.

there is an even better building, called ginkakuji, which is the silver pavilion. that place is perfect. it was never actually covered in silver foil... but it has a silver feel, amidst a lot of greenery, and the gardens are all silvery sand... shaped and grooved like a landscape. it's a tsukimi garden, meant to be viewed at night, sparkling in the reflection of the moon.

that's some of what this had me thinking about.

also, i'm thinking about failed projects, appropriation, reality, celebrity, aura, context, artistic intention (and its relevance).

i took some nice photos with a "real" camera also, and will be printing a limited edition of 8x10's, to be signed "All The Best, Richard Prince".

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