Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Andre Masson

Andre Masson, Battle of Fishes, 1926 - saw these two Andre Masson paintings last month at MoMA...

He made this one by throwing sand at white gesso, then wiping away the excess and finding a sea battle.

I saw these after seeing Aaron Johnson at Priska Juschka in the afternoon.... that show was overwhelming... so much going on, with the process and the content. I made a huge post about that show but the computer ate it and I can't do it again.

These Andre Massons helped me process the Aaron Johnsons though. I'm not sure exactly how much of Aaron's content is decided before he starts a piece, but it looked like a lot of the stuff is found after the shapes and splooges are made.

Aaron Johnson, Holy Trinity, 2007 - definitely a battle, and that white thing looks kind of like an octopus.

Ugh... I am trying to think of what I said in that lost post, and getting frustrated. The gist is that I was completely engrossed by the Johnsons, but... not completely satisfied, and liked the Massons more.

Andre Masson, Figure, 1926-27... oil and sand on canvas.

The next day I saw the Marlene Moquet show at Freight + Volume... that related also.


Jacques de Beaufort said...

Battle of the Fishes
One of The Greatest of All Time

Thanks for dropping by my corner and indulging my grandiosity..I'll be sure to link you..I like your themes.

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