Saturday, November 27, 2010

Andrew Masullo

Andrew Masullo, at Feature, through 12/5th.

Roberta Smith on Andrew Masullo.

Andrew Masullo

2 fantastic shows in a row at Feature!! Remember that one show that was absolute crap, back when I talked about crap?


Anonymous said...

i KNEW ANDREW WHEN HE WAS A KID AND HE COULD NOT DRAW. I am amazed that he got into art.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Masullo did not even like art in high school and could not draw. I taught him how to draw. He was never a good sketch artist. That is why he is doing the absrtact

Ben Pentreath said...

So many people are upset about Andrew's success! He's now with Mary Boone and one of these small-scale works just sold for $38,000, another for $24,000. Congratulations, Andrew!