Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peter Acheson

Peter Acheson, at John Davis Gallery (Hudson NY), through December 5th.

Deirdre Swords

it has a shell on it

Geoffrey Young talking to ____ and Chris Martin.

Farrell Brickhouse
Farrell Brickhouse

can't choose a favorite too many perfect paintings

Peter Acheson

Peter Acheson

Linnea Paskow and Ben LaRocco.

Peter Acheson

Peter Acheson

Brooklyn Rail interview with Katherine Bradford, Peter Acheson, and Chris Martin.


Anonymous said...

there is a trend afoot towards modest, scungy, quirky paintings that I can see getting very tiresome,
but not these. these are the real deal, because each one disappoints the complacent viewer in me in its own special way, you know none of them will allow you to say, oh yeah, there's acheson doing acheson. The gestures around that shell are full of joy and pathos at the same time, and those stuttering surface ones speak to the problem of WHAT to do, NOW? HOW to make a painting? (and how to display it? LOVE the horizontal one) questions which I guess never goes away.
one of the best parts about the horizontalone is how it lines up perfectly with the pedestal. there's something somehow poignant in that

Carla said...

"each one disappoints the complacent viewer in me in its own special way..." well put.

This looks like a great show. I don't think I've seen Farrell Brickhouse in a photo before. Hi Farrell!