Saturday, November 13, 2010

Abstract Masters

Frank Wimberly's For Barbara (1958), between a Frank Bowling and a Herbert Gentry.

African American Abstract Masters, at the Opalka Gallery, Sage College, in Albany.

This is the same show I saw split up in two places in NYC back in March... at Anita Shapolsky's and the Wilmer Jennings Gallery.

Joe Overstreet, Carry Back (1960) - this painting has already been 'favorited' three times since posting it to flickr a few days ago....

Frank Wimberly... Frank is the only surviving artist who was able to attend the opening... he's eighty-four!!

Ed Clark Louisiana Series (1978) back wall. Joe Overstreet Black Star Line (1990) front wall.

- Ed Clark at G.R. N'Namdi got a lot of comments
- I visited Joe Overstreet's studio
- definitely click on the Anita Shapolsky post to see some better images and a great photo of Anita.

Frank Wimberly talking about Ed Clark's Red, Black and Blue Movement (2009)... oh yeah Ed Clark is also eighty-four.

(Ed Clark had a great website but it's down hope it gets fixed)

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Unknown said...

Hi Martin! I am so sorry to contact you via your comments function, but I could not find an email address for you. I think this is a great collection of colorful pieces. I would love to share a collection of art made of recycled materials crafted by Haitian Artisans. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more, or you can see the collection here: http://bit.ly/bAYAUm I apologize again! thanks-

Britton Thompson
Digital Coordinator