Monday, November 01, 2010

The Jewel Thief

Stephen Dean Prayer Mill, 2007 on Richard Woods Logo no. 82, 2010.

The Jewel Thief, curated by Ian Berry and Jessica Stockholder, at the Tang.

Jessica Stockholder... it's a platform, seating area, stage... like her piece that was in Madison Square Park.

So yeah - same complaint about the Tang as always - no photography allowed. Ridiculous that the one day this Stockholder piece will ever really be used and you couldn't freely take photographs. I can see three watcher-guards in this photo.

Chris Martin

Chery Donegan, Shake the Page, 2010 and Antibacterial Memory, 2010

i loved that Kitchen painting, and these too.

Cheryl Donegan

Cheryl Donegan, Not In Love, 2009

The gallery is filled with art and includes a series of lined-up cubes each larger than the previous... all used for display... the first smaller ones are used as pedestals and the larger ones become walls... all together they are like very big blocks forming giant steps to where the show continues on the second floor.

LIKES - the Joan Mitchell painting near a same(?) dimension Joanne Greenbaum... wow nice pairing! reflection of the stepping blocks... really brings out all the color in the Joan Mitchell... green and purple and lots, it has a nude descending the staircase rythm, and made me need to go back and look at the Calder mobile in the atrium.... the two paintings are both hung very high and looking up at the Joanne Greenbaum you can see all the painting underneath the black.... Chris Martin... Rico Gatson... textiles... Andrew Massullo... nice Alex Brown... Jessica Jackson Hutchins with a broken white globe, so nice like a nice accident... oh yeah the James Hyde seating area with giant 'painting' very very cool so bummed i accidently deleted the photos i had of it... Patrick Chamberlain, some weird things happening in a couple... Richard Rezac yes, and he has a very good show up now at Feature.

Cary Smith has great installation shots on his Facebook if you want to see.

Tamara Gonzales PAPARAZZI!

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