Saturday, April 08, 2006


dArt international on... Richmond.

Three articles -

Steve Rockwell's main article on... Richmond, here. Recent VCU grad Steve Jones has an article on VCU, but no link. VCU visiting artist Cece Cole reviewed at VCU's Solvent Space (link is NYArts, which published the same review; the dArt article doesn't have it on-line).

I think we can safely say that Richmond has been covered. No stone was left unturned!

Thanks dArt! Congratulations must also go out to Joe Seipel, for his selfless promotion of... Richmond art and artists! I think. Throw that man a towel!

what?!? no anaba mention???


Elizabeth said...

But don't forget the stone that is the University of Richmond Museums. blah, blah, blah... :) Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

no kidding elizabeth, mother of miranda - trying to do anything in this town independent of vcu can be a thankless task.

what else was missing?

university of richmond
chop suey
handworkshop/visual art center
- christina newton's curated culture and the whole first friday thing she initiated
- artspace's sculpture invitational
- ADA does so much, there should have been more about john pollard.

i can't believe that THIS was the article SEPARATE from the article on VCU!! Stephen Rockwell is a hack.

Anonymous said...

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