Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rachel Hayes

Rachel Hayes is showing some GOOD STUFF at ADA Gallery -

Rachel Hayes
Polka Dot Mystery Box - What is it??? I don't know, it is a mystery. This backpack-bag is open on the bottom, but that's okay because on the moon there is zero gravity.

Rachel Hayes
detail, looking inside at the dots.

Rachel Hayes
Blasts - this photo is from an installation at the Fahrenheit Gallery in Kansas City, but she's got some blasts up at ADA. They are like superhero things to me; graphic, energetic, colorful and plastic - like Batman Pows! and Kracks! and reminiscent of the insignia on some of the characters: Superman's S, Flash's lightning bolt, The Riddler's question mark.

Also like the (stars part of the) flag or a shot-up building. That's an interesting combination - the American flag, cartoon heroism, and violence.

Rachel Hayes
Soft Ice - a school of giant shower-caps or jellyfish, they are fixed on the wall but give the impression of being ready to move, ready to breathe. Round but floppy.

That's sculptor Tim Devoe looking at them, he's good too.

Rachel Hayes
Not sure what this plastic layered picnic tarp is called, but isn't it nice? Anni and Josef Albers' space station honeymoon quilt. I stole this last photo from Warren Craghead's drawer.

This is the same Rachel Hayes that made the excellent looking Sculpture Center installation. She makes big installation things and can do good smaller stuff like what she has at ADA. I am not into her "drawings" at all - small works on paper with collage - but love almost everything else. She must be super busy right now; she's got this show up and is included in 1708 Gallery's upcoming Pulse show, and will also have her graduating thesis exhibition very soon (she is a VCU MFA).

Rachel received one of the four 2005-2006 Virginia Commission for the Arts Fellowships in Sculpture, along with Danielle Riede. Panelists were Mark E. Brown, David Furchgott, and Greg Henry.

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