Thursday, April 06, 2006

Halprin Was Here.

Halprin was here.
This is where Richmond's Lawrence Halprin Fountain and sculpture garden used to be.

Here comes trouble. I'm hungry! Let's chow down on some art!

Lawrence Halprin's Ira Keller Fountain, in Portland.
Lawrence Halprin's Levi Plaza Fountain, in San Francisco.
Lawrence Halprin's Freeway Park Fountain, in Seattle.

Lawrence Halprin Fountain Saved!.... in Olympia.
Lawrence Halprin Fountain Saved!.... in San Francisco (not the Levi Plaza one, a different one).

Maybe we can make up for this by having Maurizio Cattelan bury something under the new museum, I mean, three-story glass atrium? Wow, what a coup! A Maurizio Cattelan! Buried right under our own three-story glass atrium!


Anonymous said...

I really liked that fountain - very saddening to see it destroyed. But, help, why is Roberto Begnini's photo linked to Cattelan?

Anonymous said...

because i am a prankster.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've seen how he made the other fountains, I'm even more dissapointed with what we had. It was surrounded by red brick and invisible to anyone not already in the museum! Ick! Hey, let's have someone build us a beautiful block fountain and keep it in the cellar! Bah, they look better where they're more visible to the public.

Anonymous said...

Yup - You are a sad case of not knowing what you've got even AFTER it is gone.

Chris Herbeck said...

Hi Martin..its me.. arnheim Lieber! we met in dumbo and we went to openings and hung out...(i'm trying to maintain my psuedonymity in here)
...just saying Howdy!

Anonymous said...

arnheim!!! thank you! we watched the simpson's!

your blog is funny. you should look at mountain man's blog.

Anonymous said...

I loved this "fountain," or the idea of it... but it had a history of not working well from its inaugeration. During its premiere everyone paused as the fountain was supposed to come on - and it didn't! GASP!

I think it had something to do with a physical plant worker unknowingly turning off a certain valve prior -
but still.

The fountain hasn't been a fountain in so many years... it has been rather odd looking landscape architecture and a strange venue for concerts. Of course I am not confident that whatever they will build will be much better since the lowest bidder rarely does a great job. It is a state institution, after all. Great art doesn't need a great building to house it. Good lighting and clever installation can make a warehouse a great place to look at art.

fin said...

That's a strange picture...like the crane in the background is balacing on a house.