Tuesday, October 24, 2006

upcoming lectures

Some upcoming lectures, let me know of others and I can add them -

10/25 Ron Johnson, 7pm, Reynolds Gallery - Oh man, did you see that photo in the Richmond Times Dispatch? Poor Ron.

from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

10/30 Dario Robleto, 3pm, VCU Commons Theatre - We saw his show at the Weatherspoon; I wasn't very interested, but the interns were into it.

10/31 Stephen Westfall, 3pm, VCU Commons Theatre - I'm psyched for this one (Westfall on Artnet, Westfall on The Brooklyn Rail, Saltz on Westfall).

11/1 William Pope L., 10am, VCU's Art Foundations Building

The Black Factory!!!
Strident orange is people!!!

11/1 Beverly Semmes - Where and what time I don't know. Is this really the same day as PopeL?

11/13 Sina Najafi, 3pm, VCU Commons Theatre - this is the Editor in Chief and Co-founder of Cabinet Magazine.

11/15 Eric Fischl, 4pm, VCU Commons Theatre

11/20 Jennifer Pastor, 230pm, VCU Commons Theatre

11/29 Kehinde Wiley, 6pm, Viginia Museum of Fine Arts - Good Kehinde comments on this post.

Also coming will be Cory Arcangel and Josiah McElheny, both of which should be good. Not sure of the dates.

Cory was my Friendster friend for a little while, but then he commited Friendster suicide... BUT, I took a screenshot of him (and others) and saved them to disk. It is part of my Time Capsule now. Anyways, now you can be Cory's friend on Myspace. Or mine, I just did it.

I am still on Friendster!!!


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