Monday, October 02, 2006

Revitalized for New American Paintings, maybe

The recent Wendy White thread on PaintersNYC had someone asking about New American Paintings...

I've been very bad at applying for things and getting slides made since starting this blog, especially things that require slides and writing checks. This set of 2005 paintings has been viewed almost three thousand times(!), what do I need to apply to stuff for? A lot of those needs are being met right here. BUT.. that person's cautious strategizing has energized me to maybe apply again, or at least to let everybody else (Mid-Atlantic region) know about the upcoming deadline - 10/31.

Following are some artists you've probably heard of that have been featured in New American Paintings since sometime 1999, with links to their included work. There are probably more that I missed, and I'm really curious who may have been featured 1993-1999, but they don't have that old stuff on-line. All the images are from their featured work -

Laylah Ali, Tim Bavington, Astrid Bowlby, Jane Callister, Janice Caswell, Jason Coates, Elizabeth Cooper, Amy Cutler, David Deutsch, Angela Dufresne, David Dupuis, Eggo Eggebrecht, Margaret Evangeline, Franklin Evans, Joyce Kim, Mel Leipzig, D. Dominick Lombardi, Matthew Fisher, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Jim Houser, Susan Jamison, Matthew Day Jackson, Kim Mccarty, Mike Martin!, Jiha Moon, Tina Newberry, Laura Newman, Chris Norris, Michael Oatman, Danica Phelps, Bruce Pollock, Sam Prekop, Alexis Rockman, Lisa Sanditz (twice!), Anne Seidman, James Siena (twice!), Jered Sprecher (and six years ago), Ryan Steadman (twice!) Danielle Tegeder (twice!), Bradley Wester, Wayne White,

AND... last but not least...

Wendy White!! This is from six years ago. It's interesting because her statement talks about exploring new materials, and mentions starting to work with spraypaint.

RELATED: on being rejected from New American Paintings, December 2004 (someone interesting in the comments, who?)


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the reminder about the dead line for new american painter but uh the new american paintings web site could be renewed if they want. Hows a man supposed to apply if they don't tell you how. I was hoping that your blog would touch on that but I guess Ill just have to wiat untill next year

Anonymous said...

woah.. i was confused by your comment at first, but now i get it.

new american paintings has let their web address expire, the link now goes to a domain name registration site.

Anonymous said...

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