Monday, December 31, 2007

Fantastic Four 2007

Neither of my two most indelible art things for 2007 are "art"... maybe. I'm not sure. Both might be art, yet neither is currently claimed to be art by either involved artist.

1. Christoph Buchel/Mass MoCA, culminating in the motion hearing - almost art, or art?

2. Richard Prince's Second House, after being struck by lighting - once was art, is it still?

When does something become art? When does something stop being art? How much does artistic intention matter?

- i want to articulate more - about liminal sites and situations, social sculpture, aura, context, architecture, failed projects, trespass, hubris - but am not feeling clear-headed. maybe later, maybe never.

3. Jenny Holzer's participation in, and contribution to, Hoosick Rocks. From her signs pasted in public spaces, through her spirit of collaboration and community, to her engraved granite benches, this was quintessential Holzer, and I don't think it is part of any edition. Someone got something really special.

4. Empire State Plaza - this is not new, but I hadn't previously realized how fantastic it all is. I went back again last week, and will be posting more photos soon.

some favorite shows, and favorite works from group shows -

John Beech
Herman 'Ray' Davis
Rosalyn Drexler (scroll down)
Michael Hakimi
Patrick Hill - at Bortolami
Jack Whitten (scroll down)

also Jo Baer, Charlie Hammond, Lauren Luloff, Sarah Peters, Lamar Peterson, David Shapiro, Haim Steinbach, Bryan Zanisnik.

in group shows - Shirley Jaffe, Jon Kessler, Al Loving (photos to come), Andre Masson (not really a group show), Joe Overstreet, Meyer Vaisman, Roger White, Wendy White (at both John Connelly and Monya Rowe).

WORST art stuff -

1.White Columns under Matthew Higgs - post one, post two, post three.
2. gross Paik thing...
3. Molecules that Matter, at the Tang Museum.
4. Gentle Wind Project's magic craplastic instruments, at Feature. Here is a follow-up after speaking to Hudson.

UPDATE: i forgot so many good art things... here are some more.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for another year of great reading martin!!

Anonymous said...

maybe next year you'll do something, like get your writing published, make bigger better paintings (seriously the game is one of conquest nowadays), here's hoping for a productive 08 for you

Martin said...

thanks, michael (and belated thank you to nomi).

anonymous - i haven't been interested in trying to get piecemeal writing published elsewhere, although i'd definitely take a steady job if something came up.

Anonymous said...

A career in art writing doesn't exist for us mere mortals Martin. Stick with making art (and blogging of course).


Martin said...

yeah, i'm not too interested in pursuing that.

here is my new four-step plan:

step #1 - watch a lot of tv, pick up acting tips.
step #2 - move to hollywoood
step #3 - become a star
step #4 - get on dancing with the stars.

2008 through 2010 i will be focused like a laser on step #1.