Friday, December 19, 2008

Maureen Cavanaugh

Maureen Cavanaugh, Stay With Me, at 31Grand.... closed December 14th.


Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Martin I know that 31 has a one day only show on the 20th. Do you know if that will be the very last day they are open to the public? I wanted to visit them on the 23rd.


Barnaby said...
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Barnaby said...

I'll answer..
I believe it's coming down right after.. I can't find the email that went out to all the artists but I know they were asked to pick up the work soon after (although not the same night of course..) I'm sure if you shoot an email to Heather at the gallery she'll answer soon after..

shit i need to get dressed.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Thanks Barnaby. I figured they would be closed by the 23rd.

Neanderthals Destroyed Atlantis said...

Hey M what about the 23rd?

Barnaby I hope you have another gallery set up. I look forward to seeing your work in person someday.