Monday, December 05, 2005

ABMB: Aqua, Miami, 2005

This woman was working here every single day and always had a smile. She was great. Thank you!!

Daniel Sturgis at Cynthia Broan. So much stuff here that you only gradually notice. I also liked the work by Michael St. John.

AnabaMiami - 04
One of Mike Smith's two asteroid-capsules at Bodybuilder & Sportsman.

Something interesting by Melissa Pokorny at Bodybuilder & Sportsman. They had a lot of good stuff - Scott Fife heads, eerie Ken Fendell sky and cloud photos, Danielle Tegeder.

One of Simm Hughes many excellent pieces at Other Gallery, a gallery from Winnipeg. The half hidden figures are glittery Eskimo stickers.

Shaun Morin, aka Slomotion, another Other Gallery artist.

UPDATE 12/11/2005: Did not realize until just today that Other Gallery is an internet-only gallery, run by artists in Winnipeg. That is great!

PS - there were some Richmond artists showing at Aqua too but I'm saving all the Richmond-related stuff for a later post.


Anonymous said...

Did you go to all the fairs?

Martin said...

I went to Basel, Scope, Aqua and NADA. Lots of time was spent at the first three, each day, and I know I didn't see everything. The NADA visit was rushed, but there was lots of good stuff and I have tons of photos of everything I'll post when I get back. Hundreds.

I'm still in Miami!!!

Kai said...

Mike Smith (Utah), AKA the real Mike Smith, is awesome. Florida too.

Anonymous said...

Its being 2 years but I still remembers it...I went there to the fair with my friends and have lot of pics as a reminder of that....Thanks for giving the great reminder...

Anonymous said...

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