Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Danielle Riede

Danielle Riede
Danielle Riede has a successful (a stunning?) piece currently on exhibit in the FAB Gallery, called Paint Chip Dream. The artist has a large and ever-expanding collection of paint chips, and with each exhibition opportunity she re-applys them to the walls of a given space. All of the installations are created on-site and I think fairly intuitively, with some results more rewarding than others. She had an excellent installation on the Plant Zero ramp (fourth image) a couple of years ago, and I also enjoyed a little wall zip called VCU Rainbow #2, which was included in a show down on Shockhoe Slip a while back.

With this installation the gallery is empty except for the walls of one corner, with straight, parallel lines of paint chips running floor to ceiling. The initial impression of the installation is formal, elegant, and quiet.

Danielle Riede
Here's a shot of one of the walls. All of her paint chip pieces that I have seen have utilized straight lines, never curves or a pile or anything different; it's worth noting that Danielle studied with Daniel Buren in Germany. My photos don't show it, but getting closer you become aware of ALL THE COLOR of the individual paint chips, and their individual irregularities.

Danielle Riede
Here is a shot of the same wall, at an angle. So much color, so much variety.

Danielle Riede
Each paint chip has a personality. Close-up, at an angle, the wall is like a dancing circus regiment. Looking at one wall like this, the opposite wall of straight formal lines is visible. With previous Riede installations you could step back and have the straight lines, or get close and study the individual chips, but with this piece you are able to look at both simultaneously.

Danielle Reide
Chips on both sides cast shadows meeting in the corner, creating phantom shapes. Is this the Paint Chip Dream?


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I posted this first, so like yesterday. you can post mine if you want, i don't care. get with the times Riede is so like yesterday over here at dennismatthews.blogspot.com

you're the best martin

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oh, dennis! you beat me again.

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