Saturday, December 31, 2005

new painting

Martin Bromirski, painting, 2005
It's small.

Martin Bromirski, painting, 2005
Here it is with the one from last week.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I tried to find the comments for the post on African American artists in this region and I couldn't locate it. Please help!

Happy New Year, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Oh, can you email the link to me?

Martin said...

It wasn't a post on African-American artists in this region, it was the end of a post wondering where the hell they are -

"Richmond is a city that is nearly 60 percent black but I am hard-pressed to name a local black artist. Or a single black faculty member or black grad student in any department of VCU's fine arts program."


I'll send you the link. Ronnie Sampson left a follow-up comment.

Anonymous said...

All art is social!
Nice painting this one! The other one, I just can't see it very well.

greetings from Portugal