Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Endless Battle To Survive - The Continuity Of Life On Earth

Brian Baker
Last month I visited the Hannaford's in Greenwich, NY.

Brian Baker
A sign in front of a door marked employees only offered a tantilizing secret.

Brian Baker
Inside the forbidden room was a mural that spanned the length of the entire wall, and continued onto the next. The mural began on the left with primordial ooze, illustrating the arrival of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals, ....

Brian Baker
... and continued on the right, far far into the future; after the fall of man, the arrival of new creatures, and the eventual rise of a new intelligence.

Brian Baker
This is Brian Baker's Endless Battle To Survive - The Continuity Of Life On Earth!

Brian was in the room when I visited and finishing the mural after more than a year of work. He works in the meat department, and management offered him the empty walls of the employee meeting room as a place to make a mural after seeing how much talent and effort he put into writing and drawing the daily specials. He did this ON THE CLOCK!

I salute the management of the Greenwich Hannaford's.

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Alexandra said...

wicked cool...thanks for sharing!