Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ABMB: Scope, Miami, 2005

Mark Kostabi
Very nice Mark Kostabi placement above lamp at (?). Here is a closer view of it.

James Castle

The wonderful James Castle at Fleisher/Ollman. I have long loved this gallery.

Chris Dorland
Chris Dorland with his work at Wendy Cooper. The one behind the piece he is showing is the piece that was featured on the cover of Artpapers. Ed Winkleman's room at Aqua had a smaller, pink Dorland that I liked a little better than these. Lots of argumentative comments on Ed's recent post on Dorland.

Jered Sprecher is a Knoxville artist who had A LOT of excellent paintings here and I'm sorry I didn't get any photos, but be sure to check them out here.

Stefan Stux visiting Scope
Stefan Stux scoping Scope. Whose work? Whose room?

AnabaMiami - 26

Photographs by Raissa Venables at Herman and Wagner (formerly SPH), from Berlin. She took a picture of my shoes at a later party.

Orly Cogan (?)
Orly Cogan at (?). This is Orly Cogan, right?

AnabaMiami - 40

Creepy and intense photo by (?) at (?). Somebody please fill me in on the artists and gallerists whose names I am missing.

AnabaMiami - 41
Maureen Cavanaugh at 31Grand.

AnabaMiami - 38

AnabaMiami - 33

AnabaMiami - 39

getting asked to leave the front of Scope, Miami
Getting asked to leave the front of Scope Miami by the organizer. I was only set up here (with some paintings) for a little while, but John Ravenal came by and said hello and Jerry Saltz whizzed in and out. This guy was freaking out a little bit, nobody at Aqua or Basel cared.

I didn't get a photo of the Mickalene Thomas swamp panther at The Proposition, but I loved it. The color was so rich, the image so fluid - it was sort of like an animation cell without the clarity. I'm not sure how she did it exactly, what the mediums were.


Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Orly Cogan's work? I think it's really bad. What do you think?

Sorry for the negativity, that's just how I feel.

Martin said...

I like this yellow one with the fringe, not so much all of the white grounds of the others. Too much white when there are so many beautiful fabrics she could be working on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I witnessed Stephan and his assistant mapping out Scope in NYC last March. They didn't miss a room (neither did I). Its was amazing seeing what they decided to spend time with.

Martin said...

I saw him at Basel later also. Did he have a booth anywhere?

Also saw Matthew Marks at NADA.

"" said...

No booth. He was looking for fresh blood...I mean paint...

Anonymous said...

the artist in question who took the picture of your feet is Raissa Venables, and the gallery is Herman and Wagner (formerly SPH) from Berlin

Anonymous said...

The artist with the girl carrying the Deer is Maureen Cavanaugh at 31Grand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like eric said my name is Raissa Venables, but I don't mind. I forget names all the time... and if you want that photo of your gold shoes... let me know

Martin said...

Raissa - Yes! Send me a photo of the shoes!

Anonymous said...

i am a clueless blogger - how do i do that?
email me at raissav@hotmail.com and I will send it to you.

Jennifer said...

the girl in the attic w/ the man crouched towards her is the work of 2 brothers: http://www.thesanchezbrothers.com/works/abduction.htm

I was at Aqua, in Soil Art Gallery. Do you remember that gallery, in all the blur of a large art fair a few years ago? probably not. oh well.

Anonymous said...

hi jen - thanks for that artist info..

i don't remember soil, but i just googled it so now i know, and i saw that you are on the cover of the stranger.. so congratulations!

are you in washington? i'm in a group show in olympia, at bryce's barber shop. it just opened last night (5/5/07).

Anonymous said...

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